Our differences

When you just pick up the main destinations to stay long as Hanoi, Halong bay is considered the most popular to visit first. With one day trip to Halong Bay, you have several options to go ahead, but to select the right one is all above priorities and it is not such an easy thing to do. Tour Operators offer lots of short packages but always following the popular sites with more people even on transports or time scheduling. You even feel a flash pick up with short words then move to other pickup points which dissappointing you to lengthen your time or you may share your table with some other groups even you have not known yet. Due to those inconveniences, Wonder Bay Cruises tries to fulfill that weakness to upgrade you with the private services with less tourists on bus and on boat to guarantee your privacy and quietness to enjoy such a spectacular limestone mountain on Halong Bay with a glass of wine in hand.




County Bus (hosting 19 – 21 passengers)

- Space between 2 rows of chairs: Asian style

Thaco/Samco Bus (hosting maximum 29 passengers)

- Space between 2 rows of chairs: Asian style = Long pick up/drop off

County Bus

County Bus

Ford Transit Luxury President 2016

- Color: White and light yellow

- Total seats: 16

- Hosting maximum 9 passengers with driver and tour guide

- Space between 2 rows of chairs: European style

- Short pick up/drop off

Ford Transit 2016

Ford Transit 2016

Tour guide: Wearing casual clothes, trained with good english

Tour guide in halong

Tour guide: Wearing uniform with tie

Our Tour Guide

Not air conditioning in the restaurant in summer. Less item setup drinklist


Cruise restaurant

With air conditioning in the restaurant during the trip in summer. Drinklist and setup with a variety

Wonder Bay Restaurant

No Cruise Manager who controls F & B. Usually hosting 30 – 35 passengers Sharing eating table: 5 – 6 people/table Food: Basic


Normal Cruise Manager

With Cruise Manager who controls F & B. Only hosting 20 passengers to guarantee the your privacy in the restaurant, serving private table means if you are 2 people, you will have your own table for lunch.

Our Cruise Manager

 A few chairs and small area on sundeck

Normal Sundeck

Especially lots of rooms and comfortable chairs on sundeck to help you to enjoy spectacular landscapes

Wonder Bay Cruises - Sundeck

Cruising time: from 3 hours and half to 4 hours

Cruising route: traditional, touristic 

Traditional Cruising ROute

Cruising time: from 4 hours and half to 5 hours

Cruising route: traditional and extended to less touristic area

Cruising Route