Buffalo fighting festival 2017 in northern Vietnam

Bloodied, bruised and battered, and then to top it off, sent to the butcher.

More than thirty trained buffaloes battled for their lives at a festival in northern Vietnam where violent scenes once again took place before the blood-thirsty visitors’ eyes.

The Phu Ninh Buffalo-Fighting Festival took place on the 8th and 9th days of the first lunar month, which fell on Saturday and Sunday, in the northern province of Phu Tho.

The festival, which is a long-standing tradition, is an offering to pray for good weather, prosperity and happiness.

This year, the organizing committee did not ask owners to kill their animals once the fighting had finished as they had done in previous years, but some did anyway.

Two buffaloes in a fighting

Two buffaloes fighting in the arena.

Many tourists from different provinces and cities came to attend the festival

Many tourists from different provinces and cities attended the festival.

Buffaloes were wounded during the fierce fighting

Many buffaloes were wounded during the fierce fighting.



The fight between the two competitors continued before the enthusiastic visitors

The fight between the two competitors continued before the enthusiastic crowd.


Staff had to separate the buffaloes if their fight lasted for more than two hours.

Water partly helped buffaloes increase fighting strength

Water helped to cool down the heated animals.

The fighting was almost over

The fight was almost over.

Blood and wounds were seen on both winners and losers

Blood and wounds were seen on both winners and losers.


Despite warnings from the organizing committee, many buffaloes were still killed after the fighting. Their meat was sold near the festival with prices ranging from VND300,000 ($13.1) to VND600,000 per kg

Source from vnexpress

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