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Halong bay - The natural world heritage of Vietnam

With almost 2,000 limestone islets of all sizes and shapes dotted an area of over 1,500 km2 (larger than Hong Kong) Halong Bay is the only one of its kind.

wonder-bay-cruises-halong-1-day-tourHalong bay - VietNam

The significant natural value of Halong Bay has been well documented a long time ago.
In 1994, UNESCO inscribed the bay as a World Heritage Site. It is one of the earliest listed sites in Southeast Asia.
6 years later, Halong Bay is recognized by UNESCO for the second time.
So what makes Halong Bay a two time recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Site?


Amazing in Halong's cave

UNESCO has a total of 10 criteria for selecting a World Heritage Site.
Six of them are for cultural site and the other four are for natural site.
To be inscribed, a site must be of “outstanding universal value” of at least one criterion.
20 years ago, Halong Bay meets criterion VI: “contains superlative natural phenomena or areas of exceptional natural beauty and aesthetic importance”.

As mentioned before, with a multitude of untouched limestone islands rising from the sea, Halong Bay presents a spectacular seascape sculpted by the hands of Mother Nature.
Despite the fact that people have inhabited in the area for centuries, the serene natural beauty of the bay remains intact.
In this stunning maze of karst formations, nothing stays the same.
You will be amazed by not only the towering limestone pillars, but also the magnificent caves in Halong Bay.
Travelers would love to see Halong Bay on their postcard of Vietnam.

According to local legend ever since the first settlement of the country, Vietnam has been attacked from the sea.
Knowing this, the Jade Emperor sent Mother Dragon and her child down to help the Vietnamese against the invaders.
When enemy ships were approaching, the dragons flew down from the sky and spat countless pearls into the sea.
These turned into a myriad of jade islands. They linked together to create a solid wall that blocked the approaching enemy ships which crashed into the rocks and were torn to pieces.
After driving away the invaders, the Mother Dragon and her child were so charmed by the beauty of the bay that they decided to stay rather than returning to heaven.
Where the Mother Dragon landed was called Halong, her child settled in Bai Tu Long Bay, and where their tails entwined is Bach Long Vi Island.


Halong bay

Halong Bay was formed by millions of years of geological changes, which created thousands of islands.
Hidden inside these are beautiful caverns such as Sung Sot, Thien Cung, Trinh Nu and Thien Canh Son Caves, and Thien Cung Grotto.
Recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site for its biodiversity, geology and nature, Halong Bay’s beauty and charm make it an outstanding tourism destination.
The landscape of Halong is attractive in each season.

Halong bay: A place magical destination

Ha Long Bay is said to be a magic land of natural sea bay beauty, attracting more and more tourists ever since UNESCO’s recognition of its nature!

Halong luxury 1 day tour

The overview from the top of Halong bay 

Halong Bay has been recognized twice by UNESCO as a World Heritage Area for its universal values of landscape, geology and geomorphology, respectively in 1994 and 2000, an area of 434 sq. km. including 775 islands.

With its aqua-green water and cluster of limestone rocky outcrops rising from the water like sea dragons, Ha Long Bay resembles a scene from a fantasy story.
Located about 130 km (80 miles) east of Hanoi in northern Vietnam, this otherworldly bay features more than 2,000 jungle-covered islands pitted with intriguing caves, grottoes, sinkholes and lakes.
Many of the islands have been sculpted over the centuries by natural processes into fantastic formations.

A great place for adventure seekers?

Its the eerie mist that can sometimes creep through the bay swallowing the limestone cliffs, painting a picture that is a cross between Jurassic Park and Lord of The Rings. 

The 400+ islands make any person into an adventurer, be it by kayak, stand up paddle board or climbing high to get panoramic views of Halong Bay.
This place has got what any adventurer needs to keep them happy!

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Halong bay's so beautiful place

Discovering for adventurous travelers

The best way to get out and really experience the bay is by kayak. When you’re at the foot of a huge 100+ foot tower of rock, you really are blown away. Kayaking through caves that open into huge lagoons with the possibility of seeing native monkeys and even eagles fishing for lunch is a must do in Halong.
For the best views, rock climbing is by far the best activity. It means a bit of elbow grease and conquering of your fear of heights, but the views alone are worth the effort ten-fold. We always use qualified and insured guides, so this is a safe and fun way to face a fear or follow a love.
Though lots of people don’t even know it can be done in Halong, stand-up paddle boarding is an incredible way to get around, too. Cruising through arches or solid rock only hearing the water drip from your paddle is a very special, very surreal experience that is great for adventure travel novices.
But, all this said, the ultimate adventure seeker activity is deep water soloing. This form of climbing is not for the faint-of-heart. This means climbing high above the water on some of the limestone faces … but with no ropes! This high-adrenaline activity is a must if you’ve got a bit of climbing experience. Like always, we use qualified guides and boat crew that have been sailing these waters for their entire lives.
Last but not least, trekking in and around Cat Ba is beautiful, with a wide range of distances and ability levels. This is something nearly everyone of every fitness level can enjoy, which makes it a great activity to try for anyone looking to try something unique off of the boat’s deck.

Experience of Halong Bay

Halong Bay is truly beautiful and anyone who does any kind of touring here will love it.
That said, most of the boat tours visit areas that nearly every other boat goes – partly because of the strict regulations around environmental protection.
So some of the most beautiful spots in the bay have lots of ships that “park” there, which sometimes can make it hard to enjoy the beauty of the bay without feeling a bit claustrophobic.
Sometimes, for those looking to experience the true beauty of the bay and the people who call it home, the cruising experience alone isn’t enough.
We try and craft our experiences around doing the things few others will do, and seeing the places few others will see.
Obviously this requires a bit of effort and adventure, but we always find that no matter how experienced the traveller, it’s always worth it!

Ha Long Bay is undoubtedly not only a national but also a world nature, a magnificient work of Natural Creator. People who are admirers of natural beauty should stand up, pack their luggages, and right away pick up a flight to Ha Long, or else they will soon feel regretful!

Halong luxury 1 day tour

Halong bay

Halong bay tour Information

Halong Bay is definitely a must-see destination in Northern Vietnam. The best way to enjoy its natural and magnificent beauty is to join a cruise for one day or more if time allows. Most travel agencies in Vietnam provides Halong bay tours that depart from Hanoi city for tourists.

For those who only have one day in their itinerary to visit Halong, the best option would be joing a day tour from Hanoi to Halong Bay.
As the time for one day (including transportation time) is limited, this is a recommended itinerary for a Halong bay tour from Hanoi from City Insight that cover the most visited attractions in Halong.
Furthermore, if you are seeking for overnight tours in Halong Bay, a Halong luxury 1 day tour will be a good choice.
Apart from Halong Bay, you can visit Bai Tu Long Bay, Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay as well as experience home-stay and cruise overnight.